About "Our Vegan Corner"

My name is Rev. Curtis Levy and I am a partner with my wife Maggie Levy.  We are the owners of Razzle Dazzle "Our Vegan Corner" in Syracuse, NY. We presently have 2 locations in the City of Syracuse where we sell our delicious Vegan food and Deserts.

When we first began, our goal was to open spaces that we could sell great Vegan food and use some of our proceeds to helps others.  I am also the founder and CEO of a Ministry called Last House On The Block Ministries Inc. and our purpose is to house people coming out of rehab facilities, living on the street or in shelters. Our main purpose was to follow the calling on my life which is to make a difference. Even if it's just in one person's life. We are so grateful to be a vessel in our community to make a difference and we believe that Razzle Dazzle "Our Vegan Corner" will help us get there.

Thank You for your Support and we can't wait to see you in our store!

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