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Our founding Story

Rev. C. Levy founded the restaurant getting it's start as 'Razzle Dazzle, Our Vegan Corner'! 

Starting as a not-for-profit, offering compassion AND plant-based Soul food in Syracuse, NY.

Rev. Levy founded the Ministry called Last House On The Block Ministries Inc.,

housing humans working through substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence and jail.

The success of this purpose was offering sources of help, guidance, and housing for our surrounding Syracuse humans when others discounted or turned them away.

Continuing it's family owned & exclusively run roots in 2023...

The restaurant name shortened to just 'Our Vegan Corner' . Levy left the restaurant to his eldest son, continuing to expand and modernize.

You'll find rebranding with a move to all fresh, in-house and soy Free ingredients. Chefing all the delicious eats you enjoy today is (Best known as) "Cash" you'll find him during your visit working side by side with the help of his partner.

We can't WAIT to cook for you in our Restaurant!!!

dining room_edited.jpg

 The Reverends Maggie & Curtis Levy 
*Founding Owner 

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